Phil Mills, Jr.


author and writer

Fiction, non-fiction and poetry

with emphasis on the American West








Foreground Photo

Shiner Ranch Horses

Lemhi, ID

Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.


Background Photo

Early September
Lemhi Valley, Lemhi, ID
Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.





Copyright 2010

by Phil Mills, Jr.

2010 Spur

Award Finalist





for Best



"Where a Good

Wind Blows"

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Life wasn't meant to be lived 

behind the chutes or on the

porch...pull down  your hat, 

give a nod, open the gate,

 and ride like hell.  For unless 

you do something that takes 

your breath  away now 

and do you  know 

you're still breathing?

by Phil Mills, Jr.

“Where boundless prairies spread as a vast carpet at the base of snow-capped mountains, my heart is swept away.  And this land they call the American West grabs my every emotion and refuses to release me.  My inability to fully describe its beauty disturbs me for I am humbled beyond all measure.  It's  sculpture and essence have seized my soul and won’t let go.  I gaze at the sights and hear the sounds around me and I see the face of God.  I am forever bound by His grace and this land.”


by Phil Mills, Jr.