Phil Mills, Jr.

“A man’s roots, his heritage are what binds him to history and provides the rock on which his future must stand.  We cannot escape our past, but we can determine our future.”   Phil Mills, Jr.






















Foreground Photo
Teton Mountain Range
Jackson, WY
Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.


Background Photo
Iron Lake
Challis National Forest
Lemhi County, ID
Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.

The year was 1965, a late August afternoon.  And somewhere east of Denver, Colorado…Phil Mills, Jr. was about to have a spiritual and emotional awakening…one that would change his life forever.
Along the distant Western Colorado horizon, resting just above the late summer prairie grasses and Yucca plants what seemed like white puffy clouds gradually gave way to the rugged, snow-capped Rocky Mountains.  And the country boy from Missouri would never be the same again. Those mountains and the vast prairies before them would burn a love of the American West deeply into his heart and soul.
Phil’s first novel, “Where a Good Wind Blows”  touches on the emotions and sensations of someone seeing this land for the first time. This honest and exciting story set in the late-1800s in Eastern Wyoming recently won a Spur Finalist Award for Best 2010 Western Audio book from the Western Writers of America.  This same book is also available in paperback, hardback/large print and in eBook format.
Phil is currently writing the sequel to "Where A Good Wind Blows" and has a working title of "Where The Wildflowers Grow".  He's also just completed work on his first children's book entitled "Scooter, the Cow Dog" which is set in Texas.  The children's book is currently being illustrated by talented Western Artist Michael Melson and is set for release later this summer.  He is also working on a book of inspirational poetry and photos.

Today, Phil Mills, Jr., lives just outside of Gainesville, GA, along the shore of beautiful Lake Lanier.  The North Georgia mountains are not far away which provide a quiet setting for his writing and the simple lifestyle he enjoys. He has two married daughters and four awesome grandchildren.  Life is good!

Phil has traveled to many parts of the world, but he keeps coming back to write about the American West.