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Foreground Photo
Mountain Rockslide
Lemhi Mountain Range
Lemhi, ID
Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.


Background Photo
Meadow Lake
Lemhi Mountain Range
Leadore, ID
Photo by Phil Mills, Jr.

Where A Good Wind Blows

John Meadows has been forced off his Eastern Wyoming ranch, then shot and left for dead by ruthless gunmen working for Harold Winston whose plans call for owning half the territory. The old man is found by Jake Summers of the Box T which sets in motion a series of shootouts, undercover work and stampedes as new friends attempt to win back the Meadows Ranch. Complicating things is the sudden return after four years teaching school in Nebraska of Sarah Meadows, the old man's daughter, also bent on finding the truth and securing justice for her father's disappearance even if it means getting innocent people killed. Throw in a prairie fire, some sod homes, a flash flood and hungry wolves and the stage is set for an exciting Western adventure set in the late 1800s. "Where A Good Wind Blows" is also a deeper story of two young people discovering their love of the land and each other in the face of difficult and changing times.

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“Where a Good

Wind Blows”


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Summer 2016



the Cow Dog"


Children's Book

Written by Phil Mills, Jr.

Illustrated by Michael Melson


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"Where the Wildflowers Grow"

Western Novel

Sequel to 

"Where a Good Wind Blows"

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